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Mary Aspinwall is a Classical Homeopath (registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths) and a trained CEASE practitioner.
She has helped thousands of people return to health since she began her practice in 1995. Mary studied at the College of Homeopathy in London and is a graduate of The Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy, the world’s leading organization involved in testing new homeopathic remedies.
She designed a range of homeopathy kits that are international bestsellers and has spent the past 23 years educating the public as a professional speaker, teacher and advocate. She is a former national spokesperson for the Irish Society of Homeopaths and currently offers her services as an expert contributor in the U.S.
She is the author of Basic Guide to Homeopathy, editor of The Clinical Medicine Guide, and regular columnist for Homeopathy Today.

*Lucy Beckford, Mary’s PA has had a long-standing fascination for homeopathy and holistic medicine which began during childhood, when she started reading a holistic health periodical that her mother subscribed to. She was introduced to her original homeopath aged eleven and has been using homeopathy ever since.

She has a keen interest in active birth, childhood development and education. She is passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding as a fundamental component of natural immunity.

As a professional PA since 1999, Lucy has supported a variety of individuals in international business. She lives with her husband and children in the Surrey Hills, UK. She is also a member and moderator of Mary’s Homeopathy Study Group (on Facebook).

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