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  • Mary Aspinwall takes you step-by-step through everything you need to use Homeopathy safely and effectively.
  • You’ll learn first aid remedies for injuries (bites and stings, scalds and burns, bruises and cuts, sprains and strains) and emotional first aid.
  • You’ll also study the No. #1uses of the most versatile, practical remedies in Homeopathy.
  • Mary’s videos, helpful summaries, infographics, quizzes and #Matchmaking practice exercises will deepen your understanding and help you get great results.  Join Today

“Mary has a patient, caring heart that inspires others and is a huge encouragement to me. Through Mary’s teaching, matching exercises and videos I’ve gained confidence to help my family and friends.”
Jacqleene Meyers, USA


“I have nothing but rave reviews to give #Newbie, Mary Aspinwall’s amazing new learning platform for Homeopathy. Mary is an excellent educator and when she’s hosted classes for us at Americans for Homeopathy Choice, we are always so engaged and amazed at her ability to connect with us students. This platform truly encapsulates all that expertise, in the modern way of learning we all love so much! Moms and interested at-home homeopathy students around the world will be able to jump into the basics and grow in their understanding about homeopathy. I LOVED the cheatsheets, (I’m printing the ‘Fever Guide’ for my friends!) and the remedy mixes you provided! As I scanned through the many modules Mary placed (Potency, Direction of Cure, Learn by Doing…and on and on it went) I was amazed by all the work that was put into this. The success stories that are included are also so inspiring. Also, I have been an online college English teacher for over 12 years, and the organization of this educational platform definitely has my stamp of approval! It’s easy peasy, intuitive and overall brilliant! Great job and thank you, Mary for having the vision to spread the power of homeopathy! Note: No compensation was offered for my honest review of this product!”
Paola Brown, Co-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice

“Mary, I absolutely LOVE your coursework (#newbie + #aware). It has come at a much needed time in my life. The layout of the courses is easy to follow regardless of prior knowledge (if any) of homeopathy. Every lesson within the modules holds a “golden nugget” of information whether an “ah ha!” moment, a “didn’t easily recall that” moment or a “confirmation of retained knowledge” moment. And your personal touch in the videos is inspiring! Through this platform and wealth of information – ANY person with ANY background come learn openly, at their own pace, and truly build their confidence in the use of homeopathy remedies.”
Brandi Hecker

“I saw a post from you about the three types of people in your FB Study Group and totally recognized myself as the first type of person – the one who just wanted the answer and didn’t have time to understand the rationale behind it. Clearly, now I know better, that just wasn’t going to work. I put aside feelings of being embarrassed and defensive (I mean, that post wasn’t aimed at me alone…right?) and decided to maybe just sign up to the #Newbie course and see what it was all about. Well, I haven’t looked back. The bite sized chunks; the videos; the articles; the background history; the quizzes…all of it is just amazing. It’s so accessible. It’s so easy to grasp and begin to use. My subconscious is working away at it all the time. So now, you’ve caused me another problem…I decide to do half an hour once my son is asleep. I get hooked. Maybe I’ll just do an hour then go to bed. Two hours later and I’m still up, reading and learning. Its like trying to put a good book down…I can’t stop! I’m filled with this optimism and confidence for our future, that no matter what happens to my little family, I’ll be able to handle it in the very best way for the ‘whole person’. A way that, (thanks to you, your Facebook group, your admins and your #Newbie course) I’ve learnt…and a way that I understand.”
Joanna Holloway, USA

“I have used homeopathy for more than 10 years, on my own, and have always wanted to learn more. The #Newbie course is an opportunity for me to do so, on my time, in an organized way.   I really appreciate this free course that Mary has offered.”
Evelyn S Friday, USA

“Just digging into the #Newbie training program and all I can say is “wow!” It is a plethora of information, but yet in organized and manageable chunks.  A truly innovative way to learn homeopathy and Mary’s legacy in the making!”
Ivanna Harding, USA

“Mary you should have been an instructional designer!  Thank you for passing along your knowledge, so that it’s not lost! It’s so important that this information be given to future generations.”
Alyssa Westmeyer

“I have been so thankful to be a part of Mary’s Homeopathy Study Group on Facebook, for the past 3 years. It is an invaluable resource and now to have, an organized place online where people can grow and be educated is a wonderful gift. It’s inspiring and encouraging that more people will be able to care for their families in this way!”
Laura Henning de Zavaleta, USA

“I just would like to take the time to thank Mary Aspinwall once again for all her effort and time put into sharing her knowledge with us. I have signed up for the #Newbie course and it’s absolutely amazing. I just couldn’t put it down once I signed up… I was just loving all the information I was receiving. It’s user-friendly too. You can go directly to where you need to be and the specific file you are looking for. Descriptions are amazingly easy to understand, especially being a newbie myself. The smile on Mary’s face in her videos is so warm and loving. It just shows how passionate she is about what she does.Such a pity I didn’t know about her homeopathy kits earlier, it would have worked out so much cheaper and easier, seeing that I’ve been buying them 1 remedy at a time. Needless to say, Mary’s #Newbie course is nothing shy of awesome.”
Wardah Amien, South Africa

“Homeopathy is a deep subject with many guiding principles and this course covers the basics in an order that makes sense!
It gives you a good foundation to use homeopathy safely, by explaining important concepts such as the difference between an acute versus a chronic issue and when to seek help from a Homeopath or emergency medical care. Mary has done a wonderful job of delivering this information so that it easily understandable, interactive and fun.”
Lisa Dalto Christie, USA

“I love it… The #Newbie Course is a concise, but thorough, introduction to homeopathy for the home user. Especially love the number one remedies for different conditions.”
Roberta Barkley Wearmouth, USA
“#Newbie! Yes that’s me! The #Newbie course is wonderful….. I’ve not completed it, but I’ve learned so much already!
Super informative and challenging enough for someone getting their feet wet. Paired with Mary’s Homeopathy Study Group, I’m sure my knowledge will grow in leaps and bounds!
I love Homeopathy!”
Janice Wyatt, USA

“We no longer live in fear of illness, but rather are prepared to assist our bodies with their healing and thriving. Thank you Mary, you have truly changed our lives.”
Stormi Rae Fletcher, USA

“Through Mary’s teaching I have been able to fully understand homeopathy and how it can effectively and SAFELY help heal my family. Her matching exercises, video webinars and files have kept my family healthy and with out unnecessary ER visits no matter what time of day. So very GRATEFUL!”
LeighAmber DeLeon, USA

“My husband went from having 4-5 illnesses per year to zero illness in the past year. I managed to convince him to switch completely to homeopathy! Thanks to what Mary has taught me I had the confidence that I could look after him. I have had zero sickness days at work in the past year. This is entirely due to homeopathy. It heals my body so quickly when I’m unwell, that there has been no need to take time off work. Mary has been a complete game changer for my family.”
Bharti Malhotra, UK

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