“I highly recommend Mary Aspinwall as an experienced and accomplished homoeopathic practitioner.”
– Jeremy Sherr, FSHom, Founder of Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Studies

“Mary is one of the most competent and innovative spirits I know in homeopathy. Her love and passion for homeopathy, her generosity of spirit, and her desire to make homeopathy easily available to everyone is wonderful and refreshing. She is a joy to know.”
– Clare Sheehan, Former Director of Galway College of Homeopathy
“Mary Aspinwall has brightened the pages of Homeopathy Today for many years with her unique blend of humor, passion, and common sense. The readers love her. Mary is a joy to work with. She’s clever and quick – and she always comes through when you need her!”
– Mitzi Lebensorger, Editor of Homeopathy Today, the leading U.S. homeopathy magazine
“Mary Aspinwall combines an extensive academic knowledge of homeopathy with a wonderful intuitive ability. Mary is a practitioner who really helps people transform their lives.”
– Ann Callaghan, LCH, ISHom, Director, Indigo Essences
“Please go to Mary’s website. You’ll learn a lot about homeopathy and Mary’s background. Believe me, she is an impressive lady.”
– Bill Henderson, best-selling author of Cancer-Free

Anxiety, Visual Disturbance and Food Sensitivities 
“The last remedy resolved my anxiety I had about my own health completely (I never was that much of an anxious person, until I had a child) and it improved my mood immensely – bringing me back to who I was prior to motherhood.
I also was experiencing blurry vision (feeling like I was day dreaming when I wasn’t) – this issue took the longest to resolve and I was thinking it probably wouldn’t resolve completely.
After repeating a dose in January I started noticing in March it was starting to improve and go away. This remedy also got rid of the burning tongue pain I had and almost got rid of the sensation of hearing my heartbeat in one ear. Prior to starting homeopathy I was having sensitivities/reactions to foods that never caused issues before and surprisingly a lot (probably 85%) of the foods that were causing issues aren’t a problem for me anymore.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

Nightmares, Head Pain and Muscle Cramps
“My daughter said, about her remedy: ‘It made my head pain go away and now I can do jumping and gymnastics and go underwater.’
It has been wonderful…  Her head pain, which would always come after her swimming or doing cartwheels and more (she’s a super energetic jumpy person:), has pretty much disappeared.   Maybe the odd flicker once in a month when a year ago, it seemed like it was daily, lasting much longer and more severe.  She couldn’t do things she loved like jumping on the water trampoline or gymnastics or she’d pay for it with pain shortly after.  She was weepy, depressed and missing out.  She also regular nightmares four times a week and would wake me up frequently, terrified.  These are rare now and never two nights in a row.  Another symptom were severe muscle cramps waking her through the night and I can’t remember the last one.  She’s back to her happy, bubbly, bouncing self.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous 

Depression, Anxiety and Herpes
“I have suffered from depression and anxiety since my early twenties.  I did all “the right” things to improve my situation.  I went to talk therapy, changed my diet, took antidepressants; all with a varying degree of success.  Although nothing was able to rid me of that pattern of being hyper vigilant: precise, obsessive, exacting, uncompromising, and then completely and utterly exhausted; barely existing, scrapping by, non-functioning, under.  Despite all my best intentions, I couldn’t seem to beat this pattern that was plaguing me.
Mary and I worked over a period of time to finalize my constitutional remedy.  I began to experience life on a different more continuous level; a steady hum, sometimes up and sometimes down but not extreme, just, normal.  My constitutional remedy provided a life that would not have happened.  It has helped with depression and anxiety, herpes, a long time skin rash.  My remedy seems to evolve as I evolve or has it been the thing that brings out the evolution?”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

Anxiety and Allergies
“We started to work with Mary in spring 2017 with our 10 year old son.
He suffered from severe spring allergies with swollen, red eyes, runny nose, and a lot of itching in throat, ears and on skin. He was miserable especially being a boy who enjoys the outdoors and soccer. Each time he was playing his favorite game he would be suffering the consequences. At that time he stated he officially hated spring. As a mom, it broke my heart to see him like that.
Also, he suffered from some anxiety related to pictures he had seen. One in particular. At school, they did a snake research on the computer and apparently a picture with a snake crawling out of a toilet came up. A picture which followed him. He was reluctant to use the toilet and if so, always in a rush.
After the first dose of the remedy, the anxiety went away pretty quickly. It was magic. At the follow up appointment he just told Mary…it is gone….We still talk about it once in a while, but it is just an old story from the past. He laughs about it.
Also his allergies improved dramatically. No more red eyes, no more itching.
Last summer, we moved from California to Germany, a pretty big move for a 10 year old. Thanks to Mary and the remedy, everything went smoothly. Our son adjusted well and quickly to new school, new friends, new home, new country, new structure, new everything….it was hard to believe, but he loved the change. A child who was always a little reluctant to new things…..He gained so much confidence, he is so comfortable in his own skin, so happy….
Mary has a wonderful way to talk to children in her gentle, soft-spoken voice. My son, who is usually a little slower to warm up to new people, trusted her immediately.
Thank you Mary!”
– D.R, Germany

Concussion, Memory Loss and Postpartum Depression
“The remedy was huge for me! Overall I felt a sense of calm after taking it. Looking back, I was only 3 months postpartum and had a much better experience than after my first birth. My mood was solid/steady, I had tons of energy/optimism. No postpartum blues or angry rages like I did the first time (Sepia would never touch this).  My body just felt totally balanced. My memory has totally improved and driving is much easier. I feel like my life is FULL. It’s not zipping by uncontrollably anymore.
Oh one more thing! The whole thing with connection. It was my favorite part. The day after taking the remedy I would hug my children and it felt electric. I didn’t realize how numb I felt before or the barriers I had up. I could also speak to people effortlessly without the sense of a wall between us. We also threw our TV out a few months later which I think was related. I wanted the background noise distractions gone and it’s wonderful.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous 

Insomnia and anxiety
“The treatment made such a remarkable difference. Two days after taking the medicine, I realized that I was not so anxious. I was even able to wean myself off of my sleeping medicine, because the anxiety and mind racing had lessened.
Now I only need to take one single dose of my remedy, maybe every month or two, if I start to feel a little anxious.
It just doesn’t seem possible that such a little tiny pill can do so much for me. Thank you so much for a untold amount of relief.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous 

Severe Panic Attacks
“I was very impressed, grateful and hopeful after taking just one remedy for my severe and long standing panic attacks. I started taking my remedies when I was just about to start our family vacation. My husband noticed significant and immediate changes for the better, as I was able to do things I hadn’t done in years. I’ve been very grateful for homeopathy, helping me pick my life back up again after 19 years of panic.”
(One and a half years later, Amber continues to do well.)
– Amber Fox, USA

A Night and Day Difference
“When I first contacted Mary our son was 2 1/2. He was only saying around 10 words. He was very hard to control in public as he wasn’t really aware of his surroundings as far as danger with streets, parking lots, running off from me in stores etc. He also struggled with anxiety when I had to leave him at daycare. He cried most of the day wanting to be held and did not play much with other children.
After only 2 weeks of Wyatt taking his remedies that Mary recommended we saw huge improvements in his speech and anxiety.
Now 4 months into using homeopathy Wyatt has graduated from his speech therapy. I am not afraid to take him in public anymore because he has a better awareness of his surroundings and danger. He thrives at school and absolutely loves it. He yells “bye mom!” as he runs to play with his friends. It is a night and day difference and I am so grateful for homeopathy and Mary.”
–Carley Reeves, South Carolina

Support for your family
“I have been using homeopathic and other natural remedies exclusively for years. I have worked with some truly excellent health care providers in the U.S. and Europe; still, I was blown away when I discovered Mary Aspinwall. She is a world-class homeopath with a depth of knowledge and insight that I have rarely encountered. If you have serious or minor health issues, or you simply want support for your family’s healthy lifestyle, I strongly recommend working with Mary!”
– Linda N., Santa Barbara, California

Excellent professional homeopath
“I have known Mary for many years and have had treatment from her myself with brilliant results. She is very professional, caring and competent. In addition, I have shared many patients with Mary and our treatments, together, have yielded even more positive results. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary.”
– Dr. Stephen Gascoigne, Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, UK, Author of the bestselling Clinical Medicine Guide

Skin problems and menopause
“My husband, two teenage daughters, and I are under Mary’s care. We have all benefited from her expertise and breadth of experience. My older daughter had begun taking a series of traditional medications for skin-related problems. Nothing seemed to help her and, in fact, things got worse. Mary helped her by selecting a remedy that successfully addressed my daughter’s skin problems. She is problem-free now. Mary also expertly chose a remedy to help me with debilitating menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes and insomnia. The remedy she selected helped to resolve those problems; I no longer have hot flashes and am sleeping well now. I did not believe this could be possible. We are so thankful for Mary’s support and help.”
– Anne Burgevin, Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania

Insightful and articulate
“While managing the Irish Society of Homeopaths in the 1990s and editing the Homeopathic Times (the Irish Journal for homeopaths), I had the privilege of working with Mary Aspinwall, who was on the Board of the Society and a frequent contributor to our magazine. Mary has so many talents; it is difficult to pin-point just one. She was brilliant as our Media Officer, insightful and articulate in her case presentations and articles, and always there with a professional helping hand when homeopathy in Ireland had a challenge to address or a new level to reach. Whilst I worked with her, her practice took off to point that she decided to create her own healing centre. Well over a dozen holistic practitioners worked from there, despite it being based in a small Irish town – now if that doesn’t say something about the impact she had on people’s attitudes to healthcare, I don’t know what else will. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
– Kate Soudant, ISHom, CCH

Finding the correct match
“The most important job of a homeopath is to match the best remedy to the individual. I have worked with a number of different homeopaths and I believe Mary has a fine-tuned ability, system, gift, training or whatever you want to call it, that allows her to make that match between individual and remedy. Nothing else matters as far as I am concerned. That being said, she is also professional, personable, insightful and enjoyable to work with. Homeopathy will get you to the physical and emotional breakthroughs that you may have been searching out for years. I wouldn’t waste another moment wondering if it’s the right thing for you; it is!”
– Julia Chuslo, Duxbury, Massachusetts

A master homeopath you can trust
“I know so many clients who have been helped enormously by Mary Aspinwall. She worked at Inner Health’s Sustainable Care Solutions clinic and treated anxiety, digestive problems, depression, migraines successfully. Clients received outstanding care, attention and support. She is also a mentor to many of the students at the Catalyst School of Homeopathy and her ability to teach and explain the process inspires the students to want to learn more!”
– Melissa Burch, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fit for a princess!
“I am a mother of a little princess who has a delay in her development. And it really does not matter how you call it – just delay, Autism, Asperger, etc. I knew my daughter had some problems and I had to help her. I decided to check all options and spent a long time for research.
Well, at some point I found some information about Homeopathy on the internet. It was an amazing story of a little autistic boy who turned into a happy, normal kid after his parent included homeopathy to their list of treatment ways. Fortunately they did mention that their homeopath was Mary Aspinwall. I sent an email to Mary and she was so fast in responding back. Very polite, lovely and kind person! Every time during our appointments via Skype, she was so patient to listen to my questions and always did her best to answer all of them.
Mary’s remedies helped us a lot! My daughter was afraid to walk on her own till she was almost 3 years old. She was walking only by holding surrounding objects or my hand, but after homeopathy her confidence grew so fast and she just walked. Like a miracle, she just walked another day, without any effort. I was in shock! We still have a long way to go and I will be happy to see Mary next to us in our journey! I am so happy I found her and very thankful for all she did for my daughter!”
– Maryam, Baku, Azerbhaijan

Ganglion cyst
“Mary, I went to get an MRI on my hand a few days ago. Today I went in to see the doctor. He said that the cyst is gone. (YAH, HOORAY !!!!!) There is only a little fatty deposit on the spot where the cyst was that will probably go away in time. So I wanted you to know and thank you for your help. Have a great new year. Mine is starting off awesome.”
– Christy Allcroft, Oregon

Second time was the charm
“I contacted Mary for infertility and low energy. She suggested finding a constitutional remedy to help me feel better. Mary and I worked over the phone. I told her my symptoms and everything else about myself – dreams, personality, you name it. The first remedy Mary prescribed helped with some symptoms, but Mary felt I was not experiencing enough improvement. Honestly, I didn’t really know what a constitutional remedy was supposed to feel like. So, I followed her advice in trying a different remedy, the second time around, and am so glad I did. I took the second remedy as instructed, before going to bed. The next morning, I could not believe how good I felt. My usual morning sluggishness was gone. I felt great and the feeling remained throughout the day. It felt as if something heavy was lifted off me. I was able to float through the day without having to push myself along, which was my typical way of coping with my lack of energy. My interactions with people at work were greatly improved. I did not feel so affected by them, where usually I felt overly sensitive to their behaviors. Things seemed to just roll off my back. Also, I felt more ‘in my body,’ more present. Needless to say, I am sold on the power of homeopathy. Nine months ago, Mary did an amazing job finding the right remedy for me, which I would have never found on my own, as it is a ‘small remedy.’ Mary is a fantastic homeopath. Highly recommended!”
– Nancy, New Hampshire

Homeopathy blows my mind
“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you, Mary! I appreciate your amazing care and guidance with my healthcare. It is so clear to me that your TLC and spot-on remedies have helped me transform my life. The power of homeopathy and your knowledge of it blows my mind. How it has helped shift and heal my core responses and emotions is amazing. I get to enjoy more joy in every area of my life! Thank you, Mary! You are a treasure!”
– Darlene Velasquez, Summerland, California

Exhaustion, psoriaris, asthma and infertility
“A couple of months ago (March 2008), I was feeling tried and drained, and a little stressed after undergoing fertility treatment. I lacked energy totally and had a rash on my arms that whatever I tried, wouldn’t go away! I also suffer from mild asthma and had become a little too dependent on my Ventolin (Salbutamol) inhaler. I was in need of some help! I attend acupuncture regularly and have experienced the positive benefits of this alternative therapy, so I was interested to know more about homeopathy. Mary Aspinwall’s name had been highly recommended to me, so I made an appointment. What a great decision!! In my first consultation, Mary went through my full medical history from head to toe with me. I found Mary to be so thorough, knowledgeable and professional, and I felt really at ease with her immediately. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about my well being with someone who I felt really understood my issues. A few days after the consultation, Mary suggested a remedy ready for me to take. I could not believe how great I felt after taking the remedy. It was amazing how well suited this remedy was for me and how well it worked for me. The first thing I noticed was that my energy levels really increased and I felt more relaxed in myself. The skin rash on my arms also began to disappear, and now 2/3 months later, it is gone completely. Also, I started to use my inhaler less and less and now I do not use it at all. I put this all down to my visits with Mary Aspinwall. I am delighted with the results. I cannot recommend Mary highly enough.”
(Very soon afterward, Ann sent even better news: She and her husband were expecting their first child. More recently, Ann let me know she gave birth to a 6lb 6oz baby boy. You can find the full story in the Summer 2009 issue of Homeopathy Today or email me for a free PDF copy.)
– Ann, Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland

“Taking Mary’s class on homeopathy was so educational and inspiring. It reminded me of how capable our bodies are of healing naturally. Since her class I have worked with Mary through a few different health issues that were completely resolved! She and her homeopathy are amazing!”
– Dawn Flaherty, Carpinteria, California

Highly professional
“I have known Mary as a practitioner, boss and friend for over 15 years! I worked as Mary’s Practice Manager when she ran her busy practice in West Cork, Ireland, where she is still greatly missed. During that time, I was impressed with the number of people Mary helped and cured of seemingly intractable dis-eases. Mary’s practice quickly grew from a small establishment to a large, multi-disciplinary holistic centre. That alone is a testimony to the standing in which Mary was held, as that kind of growth would not have been possible without a list of cured cases to her credit. The affection with which Mary was regarded by her many clients was very apparent and all the more to her credit, as so many started out being sceptical and wary of the process. Mary is herself highly professional and worked only with other therapists of the same standard with outstanding credentials, experience and commitment to their patients’ well-being. During my time with her, I saw many patients discharged from treatment, usually having been cured of conditions for which conventional medicine had offered little or no hope.She has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge in her field and worked with clients to achieve their health goals. So, if you are seeking a Homeopath who will really get to the root of your problem and find a solution, seek no further, Mary is that homeopath. I have seen her succeed even where other homeopaths achieved only limited success.”
– Seana Farrington, Former practice manager, County Cork, Ireland

After-effects of stroke
“If your health care provider said ‘I’m going to poison your way to good health’ (Of course he/she would never say it that way), I’m sure you would cross him/her off of your list right away, and yet we are expected to obediently take drugs with who knows what side effects that have been known to be deadly (the poor liver already has enough to do). No person I have ever heard of feels obligated to defend his position on these substances to family or friends, while those of us using homeopathy find it imperative to explain almost daily that it really does work, and without those harmful side effects, and in high dilution too. I have been on both sides of that fence.
About 2 years ago I had a minor stroke (right side arm and leg). I had to take 6 drugs. I got a sick feeling from them. More recently when my left knee collapsed on me, I wound up sitting om my left ankle with a crunch. Then and there, I phoned Mary Aspinwall for help. My mind was an open one regarding homeopathy at that point, and I felt free to give it a try. My father was a chiropracter, so I never had experienced drugs. Mary suggested I take Rhus Tox and Arnica Montana for the “crunched” left ankle. Boy oh boy, did it ever do the job. I did not have any pain.
Mary had me send lots of emails to keep her up to date on my progress and she also gave me telephone consults. My list of problems concerned feelings of exhaustion when getting up in the mornings, as well as a few others. One thing happening along the way was a right elbow kind of ‘froze up’; I could not even touch my neck with my right index finger and it was painful. That was at day’s start, but Ruta fixed it so that by day’s end I could reach up and grab my neck. Remember I couldn’t even touch my neck! How long since you have had a feeling of honest-to-goodness well-being? Mary put me there. She would always respond encouragingly to my emails. I knew what to expect at each step. I really hope this gives you hope to give homeopathy a try. NO BLOOD drawing. No side effects. No sickening chemicals (DRUGS) to take. I love homeopathy and so will your immune system!”
– G.M., Ventura, California

Visual impairment and vertigo
“I began treatment with Mary about 6 months ago. Since then I have noticed several positive changes in my health. I now have less stress in my visual system and my sight overall has improved. I am less tense and the shakiness I was experiencing has improved more than 50%. I have also noticed that I have more energy and greater mental clarity. I believe my health will continue to improve using the homeopathic remedy Mary has given me. I am very happy that I was able to find such a knowledgeable and caring practitioner.”
– Liz Weiss, California

Mary is an exceptional homeopath
“Mary is a highly perceptive and seasoned practitioner. She has the expert ability to see the biggest picture of her client’s struggles, as well as being attuned to the subtle nuances and intricacies that make each client unique. Her vision is to help each client regain their health and discover true freedom in their lives. She is an invaluable, trusted colleague!”
– Jenny Hwozdek, State College, Pennsylvania

Saved my life
“Mary has saved my life. She has worked with me going on 2 years. Mary is the most patient and understanding person I have ever worked with. My health had deteriorated from numerous surgeries and antibiotics and a lost immune system. All my doctors – and I had many – could only prescribe more antibiotics. Like I said, Mary saved my life.”
– Lynda, McGregor, Minnesota

Highly recommended
“I saw Mary for bleeding issues related to a uterine polyp. I was miserable but after one visit with Mary, I began to feel better. Our conversations and the remedies she provided gave me my life back. I highly recommend her!”
– Barbara Amador, Ojai, California

Deeply intuitive
“Mary Aspinwall is a brilliant homeopath. She has a keen and curious mind and a gentle heart and she is deeply intuitive. Mary is dedicated to relieving the suffering of her clients and to the restoration of their well being and vitality. It is for this reason that I trust her to work with my daughters, my friends and my clients. I have witnessed the relief and healing of those under her care … and I am truly grateful.”
– Dawn Eagle Woman, Shamanic Healer, Wyoming

Blown away
“I was so impressed by the depth of Mary’s knowledge! Her intake was so thorough and I was blown away by how effective her treatments were. I felt Mary really takes a personal interest in helping her clients realize the best outcome. I would definitely recommend Mary as a partner for your health and well being.”
– Tia Walker, Santa Barbara,California

I feel like myself again
“Mary was key to my healing. She tucked me under her wing, took me deep into my self, and guided me toward transformation on many levels. Since my sessions with her, I have regained my energy and feel like myself again!”
– Danielle Lopez, Ojai, California

Restless legs and phobias
“Hi Mary, I can’t thank you enough, I feel so much better than this time last year before I met you and started on your medication. The remedy is suiting me fine. It is my jumpy legs that tell me it is time to take another. Also, I think I told you, my terrible fear of rats and mice no longer troubles me, as we had a ‘little visitor’ and I wasn’t bothered. Had that happened before, I would have moved house!”
– Janet Hartshorne, Malaga, Spain

Insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure
“Being treated homeopathically by Mary was a great experience for me. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but it works great … better than I would ever have dreamed of. I had great results from it. I got myself back.”
– Jeannie Vanaanen, Fillmore, California

Exhaustion, claustrophobia, nightmares, hot flashes and GI discomfort
“I was feeling drained energetically. I didn’t have any forward momentum. I was very frustrated and needed a turnaround. The homeopathic process was remarkable. The Sensation Method is cutting edge and I left feeling changed from the case-taking session. It brought momentum and clarity. The remedy brought a sense of being grounded enough to bring momentum physically, mentally and emotionally. I am able to do more personally, but I am also able to connect more with the world. Homeopathy has saved my life more than once. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to surgery and pharmaceutical medicine. It’s one of the most elegant healing modalities out there. It’s fabulous to get realigned.”
– Donna Strong, Huntington Beach, California

“Mary helped me think more clearly about my ill health and supported my thinking until I was enabled to describe and understand it more fully than I had ever been able to previously. More importantly, she went on to find the right remedy for my condition and refined the dosage in response to further clarifying dialogue with me.”
– Mark Sherin, South of England

Migraines and nausea
“I used to have migraines every cycle. I would spend two days a month dealing with nausea and intense pain. I couldn’t work. Now I may get the occasional mild headache but it doesn’t impede my ability to work and play. Homeopathy has made a huge difference for me.”
– Beth Lyons, California

Insomnia, visual disturbance, depression, anxiety, fatigue, joint pain, teeth and gum problems
“The process of homeopathy was new to me. It was challenging to get to the core of my ailments, but overall it’s been a positive experience. I have found it a great support in making positive changes in my life. It’s helped me to focus and I’m really grateful for that. It was a big problem and I’ve really resolved it. In the past, at work I had trouble organizing my day and doing what I needed to do. Since taking my homeopathic remedy I now know exactly what to do and I execute it with motivation and excitement. In addition, after about four months, most of my physical symptoms are 80-90% better, too.”
– Travis Beabout, Ventura, California

Chronic fatigue, lifelong constipation, urinary frequency, insomnia and allergies
“I was reflecting back to a year ago and these are all the positive changes that have happened ~ THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL CHANGES IN MY BODY!!!! My elimination has GREATLY improved. Now I have a daily movement or 2X per day. My frequent urination has ceased! My skin looks so much better and I have good color in my face. The lines under my eyes have eased up. No dark circles! My energy has greatly improved, along with my mental clarity. I am sleeping well most of the time. My ‘allergy season’ of hay fever in the late summer was there, but the symptoms were very much relieved. Things are moving again in my life!!!!! It has been a long and well worth it road! I am most grateful and so happy to have had the opportunity to work with you.”
– Tamara Stone, Michigan

“Thank you again for the help and caring that you gave me to me with such compassion and skill. You helped me get through an unexpected and powerful crisis.”
– Karen (last name withheld at client’s request)

Indecision and brain fog
“I consulted Mary several years ago when I found myself unable to make decisions – from the simplest decision of ‘what shall I wear today’ to ‘where shall I live’. Mary had helped me several times before with health issues but my inability to make decisions was making life impossible. After the first remedy I noticed that I had less brain fog and more clarity of thought. The second remedy began a series of life changes in which I was making decisions – good decisions, big decisions – easily and with confidence. That year saw me move to a new part of the country, buy and renovate a house and begin a new practice in the locality. I have never looked back. Thank you, Mary.”
– Rose-Marie Finlay, Bridport, Dorset, UK

Almost 100%
“Thank you Mary for your kind words and great advice!!! You are right … almost feeling 100% and it is 6 days now!”
– Robyn, New York

No medication
“Hi Mary, Hope all is well with you. Thanks for checking with me. So sweet of you!! I just wanted to share with you that my thyroid is normal, my extreme anxiety has gone without any medication! Also, my sexual life with my husband is very good. I thank the Almighty and thanks for everything you did to help me.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

Abdominal pain, restless legs, rib injury and pneumonia
“I had been suffering for months with restless legs, feet that hurt when I stood up after sitting or sleeping, and stabbing pains in my lower abdomen. I am a chiropractor and board certified clinical nutritionist and I have been able to help a tremendous number of people, but I couldn’t figure out how to help myself. My pains couldn’t be diagnosed as any thing particular, so I could find no one to help me – and I certainly wasn’t going to go to any medical doctor for drugs. I use homeopathy in my practice for acute conditions, but didn’t know enough to figure out what could help me. I found Mary’s name somehow, read and reread her website, and decided to set up an appointment with her. Mary was great! We did the whole treatment program over the phone – in fact at that time, she was in Spain and I was in California. I was so impressed with my response that I am now referring patients to her and they come back thanking me because they love her! I also have a friend who fell and broke her wrist and 6 ribs while on vacation in France, and two weeks after the accident (upon returning home to California), she developed pneumonia. I had tried the remedies I knew and they didn’t seem to help. Mary was able to recommend the perfect remedy to mitigate the rib pain by 80% within 24 hours (my friend did not need any more pain killers!) and the pneumonia by 70% within 24 hours. My friend gets pneumonia every winter and it takes her months to recover. With Mary’s help, her lungs were declared clear by her medical doctor within 2 weeks – from the time the MD diagnosed her condition and the time she had to return for a follow-up visit. I am now taking Mary’s homeopathy course! I recommend Mary to anyone.”
– Cynthia Leeder, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN, Carlsbad, California

Post-surgery exhaustion
“I first visited Mary Aspinwall in 2007 when I had very little energy. She very quickly selected a suitable remedy which I took and could not believe my positive reaction. Mary has an ability to listen and see the full picture. Her easy manner puts one at ease immediately.”
[Betty had a history of severe, life-threatening, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura and had to have a splenectomy prior to coming for homeopathic treatment.] – Betty Mc Grath, Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland

Ear, nose and throat problems with hearing loss
“Sarah is 8 years old this week. Last year she had a number of hearing tests which showed that she had some loss of hearing in both ears due to fluid being present. Sarah had grommets put into both ears in April 2007 under general anaesthetic and her hearing improved as a result. I brought Sarah to meet Mary Aspinwall at the Healing Rooms in Clonakilty a few days prior to visiting the consultant who had inserted grommets, the previous year. Mary recommended a homeopathic remedy to meet Sarah’s entire needs as well as hearing loss and fluid in her ears. Sarah’s hearing improved immediately and her nose cleared up also, as well as the smell from her breath. I informed the consultant that I was trying the homeopathic route for Sarah and he agreed to see her later that year. We cancelled the appointment as Sarah’s hearing had improved considerably thanks to the homeopathic remedy provided by Mary.
My younger daughter Sinead is 5 years old. I had Sinead seen by Mary Aspinwall prior to being seen by a consultant for her ears, nose and throat. Mary recommended some remedies which instantly stopped her snoring and her hearing appeared to improve also. The consultant diagnosed fluid in both ears and was planning to have adenoids removed and grommets put in in August this year (2008). I informed him that I was attending a homeopath and would prefer to see how that worked for her before proceeding with surgery. He also requested that I had Sinead’s hearing checked in an E.N.T. clinic, or privately, before his review of her in early August. When Sinead’s ears were checked there wasn’t any fluid in one ear and it was almost clear in the second ear. Her hearing was perfect and therefore I cancelled the appointment with the consultant … Thanks to homeopathy Sinead did not have to endure unnecessary surgery this year.
I work as a nurse with children who have special needs and have recommended homeopathy to their parents as an alternative or addition to conventional medicine after my positive experience with homeopathy. I hope by reading this you will consider homeopathy for any ailments you or your family may have.”
– Eileen Murray, Registered Nurse

Fungal infection and menstrual problems
“I became a hooked on homeopathy through Mary Aspinwall. I was about 24 at the time (I’m now 42) and Mary was training to become a homeopath. We met while we were both teachers in London at the same school. Mary was looking for ‘guinea pigs’ and I volunteered. The reason why I agreed was not only curiosity as to what it was all about, but because I had 2 main ‘ailments’ which despite years of going to doctors and specialists had not improved. One was a black toenail, which had been black for years. I’d been told it was a fungus infection and had been given one anti-fungal treatment after another to no avail. The second problem was that my period was totally erratic. My cycle was anything from 30 to 50 days. After my visit to Mary, which was great because she went into great detail about my health history, personal background and all sorts of other aspects of ‘me’, Mary decided on the best medicine and gave me some tiny little pills. The miracle is that within less than a week, my toenail had returned totally to normal (and the blackness has never since returned) and in the space of a few months, my menstrual cycle had completely stabilized to 28-31 days. (It remains so to this day). I then left London, came to live in Switzerland, and my whole family are regular patients of a homeopath, all thanks to Mary!”
– Nina Blaettler, Switzerland

Knee injury
“I was working in my garden, sitting on a large rock, weeding. When I attempted to stand, I caught my foot between the rock and the edging. I severely twisted my knee. My knee cap appeared to have moved to the right of center and I was unable to straighten my knee. Thankfully I had my phone outside with me and called a neighbor to help me into the house. I went to the medical doctor and x-rays did not show the injury. The doctor said it sounded like I had dislocated my knee. I had either sprained the ligaments on the outside of my knee or I may have torn the ligament. He was going to prescribe pain medication but I did not want to take pain meds. He prescribed physical therapy. I went to eight sessions of physical therapy and continued to apply ice packs at home to reduce the swelling. I did feel I was improving, but still had severe pain much of the time. I was unable to take my dog for our daily walks because of this pain. After about the 6th therapy session, I called Mary and told her of my continued problems. After questioning me about the injury and the continued pain she suggested I take one Ruta 30c pill from my Helios Homeopathy kit. The next day I was amazed at how well I felt. I took my dog for a good walk and had no problems. At my next therapy session, I told the therapist about the remedy that I took, and she said they did not discount any alternative remedy that worked. I only had treatments to help take down the swelling the last two sessions. I took one additional Ruta pill a week later. I felt fine and was able to walk everyday as I had done in the past. As an added bonus, I noticed my left hip, which often was sore after walking or working outside, did not bother me one bit!”
– Patricia Thompson, Minnesota, USA

Sinusitis and warts
“I first met Mary Aspinwall about 13 years ago, when suffering with a chronic sinus problem which had plagued me for years. After a consultation with Mary in her Healing Rooms, she gave me a remedy. A week later my sinus problem had cleared up and has not bothered me since. One of my boys had warts on his left hand for about two years and, after a consultation with Mary, was given a remedy and was told it would take eight weeks for the warts to clear. Sure enough, on the eighth week the warts disappeared! I would highly recommend Mary and find her very open and warm.”
– Gobnait O’Donovan, Cork, Ireland

Anxiety and poor self-esteem
“I consulted Mary a couple of years ago as a last resort, having been suffering from crippling anxiety, self-doubt and various physical ailments. I say ‘as a last resort’ because I didn’t believe that homeopathy worked. My friend dragged me in to see her and I was too depressed to argue. To my surprise, Mary had a no-nonsense attitude. She was very supportive and encouraging, took plenty of time to listen to me and offer real and constructive advice, and what’s more, the remedy she gave me worked like a dream. In fact, I have been feeling so well since then that I haven’t needed to make another appointment.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

“I never imagined it possible: a tiny tablet helped me to speak up, Mary combines her intuition, skill and experience to come up with the right remedy.”
– Susan Haynes, France

Hormonal imbalance and post-operative cancer care
“Mary Aspinwall was responsible for advising me on an alternative health protocol from December 2007, following my bilateral mastectomy, until May 2008. The main aim of the protocol was to balance my overall endocrine system, paying particular attention to my hormonal and thyroid problems. After a thorough investigation into my medical, emotional and lifestyle history, Mary identified a homeopathic substance which would help eliminate the symptoms I had been experiencing as the result of the imbalance in my body. Throughout the treatment, I found Mary to be very patient, supportive and extremely knowledgeable in her field of homeopathy. One of the most important aspects of the treatment was that she made me feel confident and in control of my situation and proved to me that any disease in any one organ was as a direct result of overall dis-ease in the whole body and mind and that it is important to re-balance the energy flow and using a homeopathic approach will help towards this objective.”
– Cath Filby, Malaga, Spain

An approach for the whole family
“We have been attending Mary’s clinic as a family for many years. Our problems have ranged from minor to major health issues and we have worked very well together to find remedies. Mary’s person centered approach and years of experience always make us feel secure and our issues have always been worked through in a very safe and secure environment.”
– Rachel Gotto, Cork, Ireland

Hormonal problems and self-confidence issues
“Initially I sought Mary’s help for a number of physical complaints that had been bothering me for some time, especially after I had undergone a hysterectomy and double oophectomy prior to hearing about Mary. It was most remarkable to me to see how quickly those complaints cleared up with the right homeopathic treatment. In my case, Mary used different single remedies as the ‘picture’ I presented changed over time, as treatment progressed. Not only did I benefit physically, but even more amazing to me were the emotional benefits. I would say I definitely have a more positive outlook on life and am more able to express my needs without bottling them up for ages until things reach a crisis point. Today I am embarking on goals that were to me only a dream. I feel happier, more confident, and able to cope with life’s ups and downs.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

Panic attacks and suspected gout
“Nearly 10 years ago I experienced some form of ‘nervous incident’ whilst working in a rather stressful job. The immediate result was that I found myself getting tense in situations where before I’d have been perfectly calm, such as when driving or meeting new people. I saw a doctor about it and he described the condition as being a form of anxiety attack. The pills he gave me were used on people with high blood pressure to slow the heart rate. I used them from time to time but wasn’t happy to take such medicine. More often than not, I learned how to live with the condition. A few months ago I had a particularly bad time with the symptoms seeming stronger than usual and lasting for an extended period. It was then that I decided to look for some form of alternative medicine that might help and that’s when I met Mary. Our first meeting coincided with a lot of pain I’d been getting in both feet (possibly gout). We discussed the history of what I’d been going through as well as other ailments I suffered, such as the foot pain. Mary also looked for something quite unique within these ailments and found it when I said that when the nervous condition is at its worst I fear that I’ll swallow my tongue (though I know I won’t). This provided her with enough information to go away and feed this information into her computer software. A week later we met for a 2nd half hour consultation and she’s found what she considered to be an ideal solution considering the symptoms I’d described. She told me to take just one pill to be dissolved under the tongue at bedtime. The mental effect was noticeable within days and for the next fortnight I felt better than I’d done in a long time, with no nervous symptoms and much improved concentration and understanding. Mary had said that I’d know when it was time to take another pill and sure enough after 16 days I wasn’t feeling quite as good so I took another and its impact seemed to last a similar amount of time. On a 3rd meeting with Mary, I told her that I was very pleased with the mental results but that the initial foot pain had, if anything, got worse so she upped the dosage to 200c from 30c (I know that seems weaker in the non-homeopathic world) and I soon noticed a big improvement in the foot pain and within a week it had stopped entirely. It’s now 5 months since the first meeting with Mary and apart from the occasional twinge, I’ve had no problems with the pain. I continue to take one homeopathic pill about every 3 weeks and haven’t had to touch any anti-inflammatories or blood pressure pills for the initial symptoms at all. Hopefully this will allow me to enjoy the increased quality of life that has come from my discovery of homeopathy.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

“I have known Mary Aspinwall as a homeopath for eleven years. During this period she has treated me several times, very successfully. On each occasion Mary is considerate, confidential, and offers a good follow-up service when I need it. I would recommend you use her services.”
– Kathy Reetham, Clonakilty, Ireland

A wonderful experience
“If you’re ill, Mary will make you better. She is intuitive, has great empathy for her fellow man and a great sense of humour. Your healing process will be a wonderful experience. Mary is fabulous.”
– Liz Jones, Butlerstown, Ireland

PMS and skin complaint
“Homeopathy has helped me both mentally and physically. I suffered from pre-menstrual emotional issues, as well as from physical skin problems for many years. I resorted to taking pharmaceutical medications for all of these issues. Homeopathy came to my rescue! I no longer take any medications and all of my conditions are under control with homeopathic remedies. Mary is very kind-hearted and knowledgeable. She helps you to feel comfortable, calm, and in control of your situation. I highly recommend her for your homeopathic needs.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

Repeated chest infections and care during pregnancy
“After 3 trips to the doctor and 3 lots of antibiotics in the space of 5 months with my 1 yr old daughter, I knew I had to try something different. Homeopathy came to mind, even though I had little knowledge about it. Luckily enough I came across the number for the Natural Healing Rooms in Clonakilty, West Cork and made an appointment with Mary Aspinwall. The best appointment I ever made, since then my daughter has not had one chest infection, has not needed even a spoon of Calpol* and is in great health and good form. As I’m pregnant with my 2nd child I decided to make an appointment for myself and with only 2 weeks to go I feel full of energy and well equipped with my homeopathic Childbirth Kit.”
(*Calpol is the trade name for a acetaminophen-based syrup used to reduce fevers. More on why your child needs to have fevers here. Happily, Catherine went on to have a great birth.)
– Catherine O’Farrell, County Cork, Ireland

Bereavement, depression, exhaustion and hormonal imbalance
“I went to Mary when I was pregnant. At the time, I was not only exhausted and hormonal, but feeling very despondent and lonely. My father had recently died and my family were grieving too much to help out. Mary chose my constitutional remedy and I have to say that within a week I felt vibrant and self-contained. Any time I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I go to Mary for a dose of my constitutional remedy and am usually singing by the time I pass the roundabout on the way out of town.”
– Client has asked to remain anonymous

Hay fever/rhinitis
“I actually enjoyed my first homeopathy consultation. The remedy worked exactly as I was told it would. First my hay fever/rhinitis symptoms got worse (didn’t enjoy that bit too much) but then they cleared up absolutely. It didn’t come back this spring, but I know what to do if it ever comes again. Thank you Mary!”
– Dennis Coakley, Malaga, Spain

Competent and caring
“I have been visiting Mary Aspinwall for a while and I have found her to be very thorough, knowledgeable and competent in her area of expertise. The time and care she has taken in choosing the remedies for my ailment has been reflected in my resulting recovery. She is very welcoming, makes you feel at ease at the very first meeting, and shows care and support at all times. I would highly recommend Mary as a therapist.”
– Bernadette Mannix, Cork, Ireland

Headaches and heartburn
“When I first went to see Mary, I was having headaches and pretty bad heartburn, which was occurring on a daily basis. The headaches would vary in pain and how much they agitated me, and I think they were playing into my fatigue levels. Mary prescribed a remedy for me to take. After taking it, my headaches have stopped occurring as much, in comparison to before; not only that but my heart burn has subsided by substantial amounts. I am still taking the remedy about once every month or so, depending on how my body feels.”
– Lizzie Cornwell, California, USA

Sinus infection
“Mary led a lecture series that I had the occasion to attend. It was not only informational but very eye-opening. Healing your body by helping it, “sparking it” to start its own healing process. I loved her talks and signed up for her personal sessions. A day after her initial appointment, and her homeopathic prescription, my sinuses started to clear up. That was after 8 days of being partially down with a sinus infection. I can’t say, “I can’t wait to get sick again, so I can call Mary.” However, you know whom I’m going to call when that happens.”
– Sifu Slim, author of Sedentary Nation and The Aging Athlete

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