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Homeopathy and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Injury and Repetitive strain may cause Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, but there are other causes that may need a more constitutional homeopathic approach.
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What is TTS?
Tarsal tunnel syndrome is brought on by compression of the tibial nerve as it passes through the tarsal tunnel. It is characterized by a range of symptoms including tingling, electric shock-like sensations, radiating pains, burning, chilliness, numbness, “pins and needles”, cramping, heightened sensitivity and a build-up of fluid in the foot.

What causes it?
Over exertion and standing for lengthy periods can make these symptoms worse, which is why it often … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Ovarian cysts

Homeopathy and ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are sacs of fluid surrounded by a thin membrane. They are generally benign and often resolve without any treatment. In fact many women will live with them and not be aware of their presence at all.

Problems arise when they grow so large that they put pressure on another area, such as the bladder, the bowel or the vagina. This can cause pain and difficulties when urinating, defecating or having sex. There may also be a sense of fullness in the abdominal region. Sometimes there will be menstrual irregularities and some women also experience pregnancy-like symptoms of breast … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and the Menopause

If I had to choose my top three homeopathic remedies for easing menopausal symptoms they would probably be Lachesis, Sepia and Pulsatilla, because all three of them have such a great affinity with the female hormonal system.

Suits women who always felt good once their periods got started and have never really felt 100% well since the menopause. There is a pent up kind of feeling that can lead them to express themselves in sharp, if witty, words. Those needing Lachesis are prone to severe hot flashes and sometimes have a burning sensation at the top of their … Read the rest...

homeopathy and plants

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2013

This week homeopaths around the world will celebrate WHAW (World Homeopathy Awareness Week) starting tomorrow, the anniversary of founder Samuel Hahnemann’s birth, on April 10th.

They will also pay tribute to a great homeopath, humanitarian and friend who died on March 2nd. The focus for this year is Homeopathy for Trauma and Disasters. All over the world dedicated homeopaths are working in non-profits that bring healing to those in the most dire need.

Sadly, one of these dear souls, Vaikunthanath Kaviraj is now no longer with us. Kavi will be fondly remembered for his great sense of humor and his … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Concussion

Just today I got this great tip in an e mail from Motocross Mom Pamela Jeffery that I wanted to share with you all:

“My boys aged 21, 19 and 16 all race motocross. I’ve been using natural remedies for the past 12 years and have found cayenne pepper dabbed on their tongue after a crash will pull them out of shock and trauma.

Call me crazy, but it has alleviated the signs of concussions as well. I also use Arnica along with the pepper. My 21 year old just came home with a puncture wound to his stomach … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Flu Vaccine Injury

Flu is back in the news again and there is a lot of media and government pressure for us all to have flu shots, but is it a wise approach?

I want to share with you one of my client’s experiences. She was a woman of thirty-five and the mother of young children. She came for an appointment with me saying she had been ill since having a flu vaccination nine months earlier.

Immediately after the shot she developed chest pain. When she came to see me, she still had a shooting pain behind her left breast and pain in … Read the rest...

Homeopathy & The Holidays

With so many hopes pinned on The Holidays as a time when we might all come together and finally start to resemble those smiling, happy families we see on the back of cereal boxes, we are entitled to feel a little pre-event anxiety! My handy Homeopathy Holiday Guide below will show you which homeopathic remedies you’ll need to help with jitters, perfectionism, upset stomachs, hangovers, exhaustion and over-excitement.… Read the rest...

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