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If you have a chronic or recurring health issue the best way forward is to have constitutional treatment with a professional homeopath. These blog posts look at different aspects of constitutional treatment and give case examples. If you’d like to make an appointment with Mary click Clinic on the right hand side.

A Consultation with Mary Aspinwall


3-Month Constitutional Care Plan

Do you or a loved one need help with a chronic or recurring health issue? Are you suffering mentally and emotionally? Are you having difficulties conceiving? Have you suffered from injury from vaccines or pharmaceutical products?.

Mary’s 3-month Constitutional Care Plan can help you return to health rapidly, gently and permanently. .

The plan includes three monthly appointments (1.5 hours, 45 minutes, and 45 minutes) either at her downtown office in Santa Barbara, California, or over the phone. Mary will do a comprehensive intake, research your case, and create an individualized plan for you. Remedies and … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Fertility

Many years ago when my husband and I were trying to conceive our second child, who kept us waiting a few years, I remember thinking how much harder that wait would have been if I didn’t already have a child.

I suppose many people in our position, especially those with no children, might have considered some type of medical intervention early on. Readers of my Blog will know I am a big proponent of weighing up risks and benefits of any and all treatments before deciding what course to take.… Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Phobias – Part 2


Homeopathy helped resolve Billy’s phobias, his asthma, his ear infections and his constipation.

Because Homeopathy concentrates on each individual’s core dis-ease a single perfectly matched remedy can help all the symptoms resolve. Your symptoms’ job is to alert you to the deeper dis-ease. Once that is properly addressed then the symptoms aren’t needed any more.

There is a lot to learn from Billy’s experience. He can demonstrate for us what true healing looks like and when symptoms are just being suppressed.

Click on the link if you missed Homeopathy and Phobias – Part 1 

For better or worse?Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Phobias

Homeopathy is very effective for relieving phobias. As our kids all head back to school I thought I would share a severe case of school phobia with you, from my case files

Billy’s mother told me that he had been “frantic” for the past six weeks. Three weeks ago, he had started vomiting before going to school and did not want to attend. His sleep was very disturbed, and he would wake up between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. feeling anxious and restless. At the age of almost seven he also had a history of ear infections, asthma and constipation.… Read the rest...

Constitutional Homeopathy


Let’s take a look at Constitutional Homeopathy for serious and chronic illnesses.

One of the questions I am most often asked is “What can Homeopathy treat?” Happily the answer is anything and everything! It can even work beautifully in situations where a formal diagnosis can’t be arrived at. Let’s look at three constitutional cases from my files…  

After an in-depth interview with a client my task is to find a substance that, if taken, could produce a similar symptom picture in a healthy human volunteer (a “prover”). This similarity has to be as close as possible in every … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Stress

We hear a lot these days about “stress” and how it causes illness. It is certainly true that symptoms are like the red emergency warning light on the dashboard of a car. They are there to highlight some deeper dis-ease that needs addressing. However, the dis-ease that each person experiences is unique to them and it is important to realise that one person’s stress might be another person’s delight.

Successful Homeopathy depends on fully understanding each individual’s dis-ease and removing it. Then they can return to a state of ease and harmony, where those warning symptoms are no longer necessary.… Read the rest...

When OTC Homeopathy fails

Sometimes I hear people say, “Yeah, I tried Homeopathy and it didn’t work for me.” Yet, Homeopathy is a natural law that always works, rather like gravity. What makes a homeopathic remedy “homeopathic” is not just the label on the bottle. This is just referring to the way the substance was prepared. Namely it was diluted and succussed (shaken and bashed) to potentize it. It does not become truly homeopathic until the moment it is matched exactly to a person’s symptoms.

A friend of mine fell off his bike recently. He had heard that Arnica is a good thing to … Read the rest...

Homeopathy and Allergies

A quick computer search of 400 volumes of books shows that Homeopathy has 216 different medicines that have been used to successfully treat hay fever and allergies. Of course some are used much more often than others. For best results try to match your specific symptoms to the most similar medicine description you can find.

Here are some remedies that are the most frequently prescribed in Homeopathy for Hay fever and seasonal allergies, seven of which are in our Deluxe Kit:

Allium Cepa 30c – Streaming eyes & nose with frequent and severe sneezing. Throat & nose feel raw. … Read the rest...

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