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The Skinny on Vaccination


I have the reputation of being pretty mild-mannered, but when it comes to vaccination:
I have a bee in my bonnet!

I know you’re probably busy, so here’s the skinny on vaccination. If your child, or a child you love is scheduled to have vaccinations soon ( and bear in mind they get one the very day they are born) take a moment to ponder these points.

Your right to informed choice is being trashed

Vaccines carry a risk and yet doctors almost never share the full vaccine insert information with you. This means you don’t know what it contains … Read the rest...

Free resources

Offering a gift

Homeopathy – one of the greatest gifts

“My mission is to provide you with expert guidance on how to use Homeopathy successfully. Homeopathy has been a huge blessing in my life (and my family’s life). I want to pay that blessing forward. Here are some great free resources for you:  

– A free online course on Homeopathy
– free e-book A Basic Guide to Homeopathy
– free e-book Homeopathy for Pregnancy

You’ll also be able to search lots of very practical, user-friendly posts. The thought of more and more people finding a safe, natural and powerful way to be … Read the rest...

Mary’s FREE course Exploring Homeopathy

“My daughter is going to college this year. To better prepare her, she and I are reading Mary’s online Exploring Homeopathy course. The course is a concise and extremely informative description of homeopathy, including its origins and principles. Mary gives illustrative examples of how homeopathic medicine works and empowers the reader to use homeopathy for first aid purposes. I know my daughter will have the necessary tools to use homeopathic medicine while at college as a result of reading Mary’s course and purchasing her Deluxe kit. ” Anne Burgevin, PA

Module 1

In this module you will:
– Look at … Read the rest...

Free Homeopathy e-book

My book “A Basic Guide to Homeopathy” was first published in the early 1990s and is an international best seller. It’s a really helpful, user friendly book that covers:

– what Homeopathy is
– how it works
– 36 homeopathic medicines you will often need
– 75 common first aid situations and minor illnesses

It normally retails at over $10 with shipping. Please accept this Free e-book as a gift from me. I hope you will enjoy reading it, try using the remedies I mention and grow to love Homeopathy as much as I do. To receive your Free Homeopathy e-bookRead the rest...

Free Homeopathy and Pregnancy e-book

Your “Guide to Homeopathy for Pregnancy

Mary’s 50 page guide on how to use Homeopathy safely and effectively during pregnancy. Includes advice on how to match symptoms and remedies effectively.

– Pregnancy symptoms and their corresponding homeopathic remedies.
– A repertory chart to record symptoms and compare possible remedies.
36 homeopathic “polycrest” remedies and all their uses during pregnancy.
– Information on warning signs and when to seek professional help.
– An article on the use of Arnica and Bellis perennis in pregnancy.
– Birth stories. Natural birthing advice in a nutshell.
– Information on our Childbirth kit and … Read the rest...

A Consultation with Mary Aspinwall


3-Month Constitutional Care Plan

Do you or a loved one need help with a chronic or recurring health issue? Are you suffering mentally and emotionally? Are you having difficulties conceiving? Have you suffered from injury from vaccines or pharmaceutical products?.

Mary’s 3-month Constitutional Care Plan can help you return to health rapidly, gently and permanently. .

The plan includes three monthly appointments (1.5 hours, 45 minutes, and 45 minutes) either at her downtown office in Santa Barbara, California, or over the phone. Mary will do a comprehensive intake, research your case, and create an individualized plan for you. Remedies and … Read the rest...

Free Homeopathy e-book
“A Basic Guide to Homeopathy”
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