A Consultation with Mary Aspinwall


3-Month Constitutional Care Plan

Do you or a loved one need help with a chronic or recurring health issue? Are you suffering mentally and emotionally? Are you having difficulties conceiving? Have you suffered from injury from vaccines or pharmaceutical products?.

Mary’s 3-month Constitutional Care Plan can help you return to health rapidly, gently and permanently. .

The plan includes three monthly appointments (1.5 hours, 45 minutes, and 45 minutes) either at her downtown office in Santa Barbara, California, or over the phone. Mary will do a comprehensive intake, research your case, and create an individualized plan for you. Remedies and email support during this period are included..

After three months, most people switch to making appointments on an as-needed basis at a reduced cost..

CEASE Therapy.

CEASE Therapy may be recommended if you have experienced injury from vaccines or pharmaceutical products. The goal of CEASE Therapy is to promote detoxification and restore health through carefully selected supplements and isopathic remedies, in addition to your constitutional remedy..

If appropriate, Mary will recommend a CEASE approach within your 3-month Constitutional Care Plan. While many people experience a significant improvement within three months, healing time in these complex cases is variable and may take longer. After the first three constitutional care visits, CEASE appointments are typically spaced 10 weeks apart, to review the success of each specific detox..

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For pricing and other information, as well as to schedule an appointment, please contact Mary.

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