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Homeopathy works - for serious and minor illnesses

Let’s take a look at Constitutional Homeopathy for serious and chronic illnesses.

One of the questions I am most often asked is “What can Homeopathy treat?” Happily the answer is anything and everything! It can even work beautifully in situations where a formal diagnosis can’t be arrived at. Let’s look at three constitutional cases from my files…  

After an in-depth interview with a client my task is to find a substance that, if taken, could produce a similar symptom picture in a healthy human volunteer (a “prover”). This similarity has to be as close as possible in every way: physically, emotionally and mentally. In fact the word Homeopathy is Greek for “similar suffering”.

This is a wonderful era to be a homeopath as modern technology greatly improves my chances of finding a great match. Specialized computer software enables me to search huge libraries of remedy descriptions (recorded by “provers”) in just a few seconds. It also helps me narrow down the choice from thousands of possibilities to exactly the right one.

Homeopaths get very excited if you have what are known as “strange, rare and peculiar symptoms”! One or two unusual details make finding the correct medicine so much simpler. Let’s see how this works in practice.

“In Homeopathy, timing is everything”

Coughing by the clock

A boy aged 8 had used inhalers for his asthma since the age of 6. He had been taking Becotide (Beclovent) 50mg (two puffs – morning and evening) and Ventolin (Albuterol) syrup 3 times daily. He had suffered from occasional accelerated heart rate whilst on the inhalers and didn’t like taking them. He had an unproductive chronic cough that came on one hour after going to bed (at about 9pm). When the cough was very bad he would vomit and continued to vomit, without any relief, until he was retching bile. In the past this cough had been treated with Procaine. Ipecac is well known as the remedy for incessant vomiting without relief, vomiting related to coughing and also has the strange symptom of vomiting one hour after going to sleep. It quickly resolved his cough and gradually he was able to reduce his medications with his doctor’s help until he was able to do without them.

Migraine Madness

A boy aged 12 had migraine attacks that often came on after over-excitement. They were so severe that during them he was tempted to jump out of the window. For this reason he always wanted his mother to stay with him. He would bite both his own hand and his mother’s during the height of the pain, which was throbbing, left-sided and began over the eye. He was photophobic during attacks and suffered stomach cramps with vomiting. I prescribed Glonoine 30c, which worked beautifully, not only because it is a classic migraine remedy, but also because one of the strange symptoms it produced in the “provers” was the desire to literally jump out of the window.

Side-to-side cysts

A young woman of eighteen had a long, ongoing history of very painful periods. A few months earlier she had had two cysts removed from her left ovary. Since then she had had no energy. Unfortunately, the cystic pain had returned soon after the op. The strange thing was it alternated between the left and right hand side (probably depending on which side was ovulating). She had become increasingly withdrawn and wouldn’t speak to teachers or students at school. She was often on the verge of tears. She felt stupid when she spoke to anyone and scared to say anything. She said several times that she believed people were laughing at her and whispering about her. I gave her a remedy called Lac can. One of the main symptoms this medicine can produce in a healthy volunteer is pain which alternate sides. It also matched her mental state very well.

Her first period after the remedy was more painful, but her energy had greatly improved and she said she didn’t ‘notice the pain as much’. She didn’t worry about people laughing or whispering about her anymore and she was talking to people a bit more. She felt more confident. After three months her physical symptoms all resolved and she was also feeling very good mentally and emotionally.

Remember with homeopathy you can easily treat first aid situations and minor illnesses with your homeopathy kit.

If you need help with a chronic complaint arrange to have constitutional treatment.

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