When OTC Homeopathy fails


Homeopathy always works when you hit the spot

Sometimes I hear people say, “Yeah, I tried Homeopathy and it didn’t work for me.” Yet, Homeopathy is a natural law that always works, rather like gravity. What makes a homeopathic remedy “homeopathic” is not just the label on the bottle. This is just referring to the way the substance was prepared. Namely it was diluted and succussed (shaken and bashed) to potentize it. It does not become truly homeopathic until the moment it is matched exactly to a person’s symptoms.

A friend of mine fell off his bike recently. He had heard that Arnica is a good thing to take after an accident and decided to try some for the first time. He was very disappointed in the results and told me so. I asked him to describe the exact nature of his pains. He said it felt as if his thigh bone was badly bruised. Arnica is a great bruising remedy, but the best matching remedy for bruising of the periosteum (bone surface) is Ruta. I gave him Ruta and within an hour he had huge relief and became a homeopathic convert.

To recap: What makes a remedy homeopathic is it is capable of producing similar suffering in a healthy person. If the remedy you took did nothing then it wasn’t similar enough to your suffering and you need to choose something else that is.

You can get really great results with homeopathic medicine provided you stick to first aid situations (bruises, cuts, bites, burns, stings) and minor, self-limiting illnesses like coughs, colds, flus, food poisoning and cystitis. Where things can get a little more complicated is illnesses that have acute flare ups that come from an underlying chronic condition. Hay fever and allergies are good examples of this.

If you have found Homeopathy to be disappointing ask yourself two questions: Did I really match the remedy to my symptoms? Are the symptoms I have so chronic and deep-seated that I need to see a professional homeopath?

Here three clients who came to see me recently for constitutional treatment of their hay fever and allergies kindly share their experiences:

“For more than 25 years I suffered from debilitating nasal/sinus allergies that left me feeling as though I had a heavy cold 7 days a week. My GPs offered numerous prescription drugs that offered no relief and left me feeling drowsy and frustrated. This all changed after just one consultation with Mary Aspinwall. Her calm, sympathetic and professional approach put me immediately at ease and after just one treatment the change was incredible. It has now been 6 months since my consultation and I have total relief from my symptoms. I would encourage anyone to give homeopathy a try.” Alyson Thomas

“Originally I was a little daunted by the idea of a telephone consultation, however Mary’s professional yet warm and friendly approach made it really easy and effective. The recommended treatment has had a fantastic effect on my energy levels and general well being as well as curing me of an increasingly irritating annual hayfever allergy, an added benefit that I wasn’t expecting.” Julie Page

“I actually enjoyed my first homeopathy consultation. The remedy worked exactly as I was told it would. First my hay fever/rhinitis symptoms got worse (didn’t enjoy that bit too much) but then they cleared up absolutely. It didn’t come back this Spring, but I know what to do if it ever comes again. Thank you Mary!” Dennis Coakley

Homeopathy always works when the match is made right! For first aid and minor illnesses use Your Guide and choose the most similar remedy from your kit. If your symptoms persist then consider having Constitutional treatment.

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